faqs (frequently asked questions)

These are some of the questions most commonly asked of us.  If you have a query and can’t find the answer here, then don’t hesitate to contact us using the Contacts page:

1) We would like to relocate our offices as our lease is expiring. How can you help?

Mooney Kelly has extensive experience in relocating companies. Our role should start well before leases have been exchanged on new premises to allow for fit out estimates AND time schedules to be prepared, and for any lease obligations which impact on the fit-out and relocation process to be reviewed and evaluated.

2) Our premises need refurbishing and the space plan is obsolete. How can you help?

Mooney Kelly can oversee the whole process from appointment of designers and development of a new space plan, through to procurement of contractors to carry out the works, overseeing the refurbishment to completion. We can liaise with landlords, building managers and other tenants, and programme-manage any temporary moves and changes required.

3) We are buying a new house and would like to update and re-model it before we move in. How can you help?

Likely expenditure on residential refurbishments can vary enormously. Mooney Kelly can provide cost estimates even from very limited information from clients and designers. Once budgets are agreed, we endeavour to ensure that  costs stay under control. We can recommend the right contractor to tender for the works, and then prepare tender documents for contractors to price. We can prepare the contract documents and, once on site, we can provide all financial controls including stage payments to contractors and agreeing final accounts.

4) We want to rebrand and/or expand our business premises, how can you help?

We can manage the rollout process on behalf of retailers or similar organisations, starting with feasibility studies and value engineering of prototypes, through site identification and surveys, right through to interior design and massaging prototypes and fit out of premises.

Mooney Kelly can project manage, financially control and contractually administer the process on behalf of the client, and, if needs be, act as team leader and as a single point of contact for the client, allowing you to focus on running your retail business.

5) Is my building as efficient and eco-friendly as possible?

Issues of sustainability and energy conservation have become increasingly prominent from both a social and financial perspective.

Mooney Kelly can provide cost advice (both capital and life cycle) on current installations and current alternatives, on taxation and grants available and on procurement of energy supplies, and can also assist in reviewing your building performance against the latest building regulations and energy usage.

6) I have a dispute with a building contractor, how can you help?

Mooney Kelly can assess the contractual position and financial implications of your dispute and can advise you on the strength of your argument. We can attempt to negotiate and settle the dispute on your behalf and/or can advise on the contractual and legal alternatives available.

7) I am a main contractor and have a dispute with a sub-contractor, how can you help?

We have experience of all popular forms of contract and can advise on dispute resolution alternatives. We can assess the strengths and weakness of your position and project the possible financial outcomes of your dispute.

8) I am a sub-contractor and I have a dispute with a main contractor. How can you help?

Mooney Kelly has acted for large and small sub-contractors in disputes of various sizes and complexities.  We fully understand the nature of the relationships that exist through the entire supply chain. Our aim would be to resolve matters amicably and to achieve a fair settlement having reviewed the circumstances of the dispute, and, if needs be, by recourse to adjudication and/or legal process if necessary and appropriate.

9) I am a building contractor and I have a dispute with an employer, how can you help?

Mooney Kelly can assess the strengths and weakness of your case and prepare, issue, negotiate and settle both financial and time-related claims. We can prepare documentation and act on your behalf in adjudication proceedings or dispute resolution alternatives.